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335 Second Crown Point Road, Barrington, NH 03825
(603) 332-2863
Serving New Hampshire Since 1961
Staff of Berry Surveying & Engineering
Christopher R. Berry, SIT #567
    Chris joined the business in 2004 after completing the Civil Technology
program at UNH.  He has completed testing required to attain his
Surveyor In Training status while working towards his surveyor's license.
Chris began his tenure as President and General Manager in 2011.  Chris
has no hobbies, as he is a full-fledged, self-diagnosed work-a-holic.  He
lives in a condominium in Rochester, N.H. with his wife Cyndi, thier dog,
and two cats.
Kenneth A. Berry, LLS #805, PE #14243, JP
Vice President of Technical Operations

    Ken returned to the business in 2009 after 17 years in the seacoast area, working in different surveying and engineering firms. He became a Licensed Land Surveyor in 1991 and has assumed the responsibilities of Vice President of Technical Operations.  In 2013, Ken took the Professional Engineer's exam for New Hampshire and passed!  This is a very difficult exam that required much study and preparation.  We are all glad that he passed!!  Ken lives in Rochester with his wife Jenny, in the house in which he grew up.  Ken enjoys reading, and has a very eclectic taste in books.

David A. Berry, LLS #328, PE #1088
President Emeritus
    David brought the Civil Engineering and Land Surveying aspect to his
father's business, Berry Construction Co., Inc., in 1961.  He has seen the
company go through many different phases, including the liquidation of the
construction portions, the economic boom of the 1980s, the downturn of
the 1990s, and the coming and going of many different employees.  His
experience and knowledge of the history of Rochester and the surrounding
community is still greatly relied on in our office.  David still works every day
in the office as we utilize his construction experience to help engineer plans
that are easily constructable.  Most afternoons you will find him splitting
firewood or hauling logs out of the back woods with his John Deere tractor. 
David lives with his wife Sylvia in the log home behind the office.
Key Staff
Daniel J. O'Lone
Project Manager - Survey Technician
    Having started with Berry Surveying & Engineering in 2002 as a field
crew member, Daniel has worked in all aspects of the company from field
survey to project representation.  He has become a project manager, and
manages most of the small to medium sized projects in the office.  He also
oversees much of the field crew operations.  In 2013, when Berry
Surveying & Engineering took the step into survey-grade GPS & RTK
capability, Daniel became responsible for the implementation and utilization
of that technology.  He lives with his wife Elisabeth and their son Caleb in
Barrington, N.H.  Most summer evenings you can find him on a softball
field, as he plays in multiple leagues in the area.

Joseph N. Berry
Survey Crew Chief
    Joe started working for Berry Surveying & Engineering when he
graduated high school in 2009.  Since then he has learned much, and risen
to the level of Crew Chief.  Joe has become a versitle member of our team,
as he is also valuable as a draftsman in the office.  His personality and skill
set have meshed together to make him one of the best Crew Chiefs that
Berry Surveying & Engineering has had over our long history.  Joe lives
with his brother George in a Dover apartment.  Joe's favorite season is
winter, as he is almost never without his snowboard.  During the summer,
he waits for winter... while attempting many other "extreme" sporting


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